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 faculteit der economische wetenschappen en bedrijfskunde (management en organisatiekunde)


Assistant Professor

Brief resumé

Elco van Burg is an assistant professor of Entrepreneurship and Organization at VU University Amsterdam. In 2010, he received his Ph.D. from Eindhoven University with a dissertation on academic entrepreneurship. He holds a MSc. (with honors) in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences from Eindhoven University of Technology and a M.A. degree (with honors) in Theology from Utrecht University.

His research focuses on collaborative processes and the dynamics of those processes in entrepreneurship and innovation trajectories. For instance, he studied cooperation processes between entrepreneurs and universities, between entrepreneurs and resource owners, and between organizations in a large innovation network in the aircraft industry. His research also covers other entrepreneurship topics, such as opportunity identification, designing entrepreneurial organizations, and entrepreneurship in developing and emerging economies.

Teaching and (PhD) thesis supervision

Elco supervises Bachelor and Master theses on entrepreneurship and is involved in the supervision of a number of PhD students (Progress Choongo, Mwansa Chabala, Amr Farouk and Sharon Dolmans). He currently teaches the following courses on research methods and entrepreneurship:

  • Entrepreneurship, Institutions and Corporations (Entrepreneurship Master)
  • Entrepreneurship in Human Movement Sciences
  • Entrepreneurship in Earth, Health and Life Sciences
  • Ethics (Master)
  • Business Research Methods (Bachelor)
  • Research Seminar I (Master Strategy & Organization)
  • Research Seminar II (Master Entrepreneurship)
  • Research Seminar II (Master Strategy & Organization)
  • Research Design (PhD level)


  • Distinguished Reviewer Award, Entrepreneurship Division, Academy of Management, 2012.
  • Best Paper Award Innovation Management 2009, European Business School, 2009.
  • Best Reviewer Award, Entrepreneurship Division, Academy of Management, 2009.

Recent Publications

Van Burg, E. & Van Oorschot, K.E. (in press). Cooperating to commercialize technology: A dynamic model of fairness perceptions, experience, and cooperation.Production and Operations Management, forthcoming.

Van Burg, E., Gilsing, V.A., Reymen, I.M.M.J. & Romme, A.G.L. (in press). The formation of fairness perceptions in the cooperation between entrepreneurs and universities.Journal of Product Innovation Management, forthcoming.

Van Burg, E., De Jager, S., Reymen, I.M.M.J. & Cloodt, M. (2012). Design principles for corporate venture transition processes in established technology firms.R and D Management, 42(5), 455-472.

Van Burg, E., Podoynitsyna, K.S., Beck, L. & Lommelen, T. (2012). Directive deficiencies: How resource constraints direct opportunity identification in SMEs.Journal of Product Innovation Management, 29(6), 1000-1011.

Berends, H., Van Burg, E., & Van Raaij, E.M. (2011). Contacts and contracts: Cross-level network dynamics in the development of an aircraft material.Organization Science, 22(4), 940-960.

Gilsing, V.A., Van Burg, E., & Romme, A.G.L. (2010). Policy principles for the creation and success of corporate and academic spin-offs.Technovation, 30(1), 12-23.

Van Burg, E., Romme, A.G.L., Gilsing, V.A. & Reymen, I.M.M.J. (2008). Creating university spin-offs: A science-based design perspective.Journal of Product Innovation Management, 25(2), 114-125. 


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